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5 Star Auto Transport Requirements

5 Star Car Transport Service

   Pro Auto Transport does not endorse or recommend these companies. This list was created to assist visitors to the site in choosing an auto transport company to ship their vehicle with. To earn the 5 Star rating companies must adhere to our prescribed best practices as well as meet the following 9 criteria to be included in this list. If a company falls short in even one category then only a 4 Star rating is achieved.

 All 5 Star Rated companies have maintained or exceeded these standards for a minimum of twelve months. Any company whose 5 Star rating is removed must wait one year before reapplying.

The 5 Star Rating requirements are:

1. The auto transport company must be in business for a minimum of two years.

2. The auto transport company must agree to only charge the quoted price, unless there is a change in the nature of the vehicle being shipped, or a drastic increase in fuel prices occurs between the time the quote is made and the vehicle actually ships.

3. The auto transport company agrees to only use advertising which bolsters the image and trustworthiness of the auto transport industry and not to mislead the consumer about other companies past performance.

4. Auto transport companies who have received the 5 Star rating have agreed to respond to all customer complaints within 2 business days.

5. All complaints must be resolved and a description of the complaint and its resolution kept on file at Pro Auto Transport.

6. Any resolution of a complaint that does not meet the 5 Star review board’s approval must be addressed and resolved by the auto transport company within ten business days.

7. All resolutions of complaints must be completed with 14 days of their approval by the review board and within 21 days of the original complaint.

8. All auto transport companies must keep on file with the review board the names of all company officers.

9. Auto transport companies must quote customers in a prompt manor and transport the customers vehicle in the agreed upon time frame.

The Pro Auto Transport 5 Star Program maintains a five year history of all members. To report a complaint about this carrier, please e-mail using the contact page form. Currently there are zero outstanding complaints about this shipper. If a complaint had been filed it would remain on this page until a solution that is acceptable to the Pro Auto Transport five Star board is approved.

The company that you requested information on is a member in good standing of the Pro Auto Transport 5 Star program. All information and any descriptions of a member company have been supplied by that member company. Their membership has as a prerequisite their agreement in abiding by the 5 Star rules but their actual performance is not warranted in any way by Pro Auto Transport. Pro Auto Transport does not endorse any service, product or company listed on Pro Auto and therefore can not be held liable for the results of any transactions entered into with any of the listed companies.

The sole purpose of the 5 Star program as well as the Pro Auto Transport Directory itself is to assist your search to find the right vehicle shipping company for you. Information provided within is believed to be correct but no guarantees are provided as information of this type is subject to change at anytime.

 The 5 Star rating does not guarantee that you will be happy with the service or the performance of the auto transport company that you choose. The 5 star rating is merely a guideline for consumers to go by, comparing these companies past performance. In this industry things sometimes go wrong, Pro Auto Transport assumes no responsibility for the actions, inactions, or promises made by any company listed. The 5 Star rating does endorse any one auto transport company over any other auto transport company.  
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