Need Of vehicle Transportation

A vehicle is a valued possession for everyone. One can’t trust just anyone to ensure it arrives at the destination without damage. There are countless situations you may find yourself, where you feel the need to transport your vehicle. If you are in the same circumstances the best decision is to hire a professional vehicle transport service, rather than have to haul or drive it on your own. Keep on reading to know more about the merits of a vehicle transportation service.

1. Nonfunctioning/ damaged vehicles: Shipping of malfunctioning vehicles can be a complicated process, which involves different equipment as well as proper training. There are many problems like some vehicles can’t start or can’t roll due to damage by accident or other reasons that can make vehicles out of order, Vehicle transport service is a good choice for you.

2. Saving of money/ time:  One can easily save his money, which was to be spent on food, fuel, rent of hotel room, etc. if you choose a reliable vehicle shipping company. Since many companies provide the vehicle transportation service one can easily get low vehicle shipping rates due to the competition. Even you can save your time as the company will make all the arrangements to get your car transported, and you won’t have to drive, as well as you will be away from all the problems which can occur in the journey.… Read More..

Tips to Buy A Car Safely Online

With over 15 million cars sold each year on sites online, buying a car has never been more common. With these online purchases, many of them are domestic transactions and their vehicle shipping rates are high when you ask them to deliver it to your doorstep. For example, a recent USA Today article reported that nearly three-quarters of all car purchases on eBay were interstate.

Despite how common these transactions may be, online vehicle scams are just as common. Many people are taking to sites to post fake car listings to scam online auto shoppers out of their money. To avoid these fraudulent financial scams, here are four tips for safely buying a car:

1.Make Sure the Seller is Credible. Make sure you know that the seller is verified and credible. You can do so by checking him/her on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Additionally, check to see if the seller has previous reviews for past sales. If the seller is in a hurry to get rid of the car or is agreeing to reduce the vehicle transport rates while you keep lowering the rates, consider this a red flag. Buying an automobile is a lengthy process, and the seller should know that best.… Read More..

Reasons To Transport Your Vehicle

Do you want to have your car, but it isn’t accessible? Do you usually get the feeling of being deprived of your car? All you need is to ship your car to the place you’ve moved to. Following are the reasons to ship your car:

  1. If you move: If you’re planning to move across the state or the country, choosing a vehicle transport company to take charge of your vehicle properly is highly recommended. Just think about taking a long ride from your previous home to your new one. Whether you’re taking a 12 or 48-hour drive, it won’t be that comfortable for you to travel. So hiring a professional company is recommended.
  2. When you head out of town: Do you love exploring the city you’re visiting? So what is a better way than doing it in your own car? Consider the length of your vacation and get your car shipped. All you need is to add up the cost of the rental vehicle and compare it to the auto shipping rates. Most probably chances are if you’re staying for more than a few weeks, then having your car shipped will be more affordable.
  3. Delivery for a long-distance purchase: If you’re buying a new motorcycle, car or boat from a distant place, you may think out how to get your new vehicle shipped from point A to point B.
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What to Look for When Moving A Vehicle

Shipping cars from one place to another is often a fact we take for granted. But what happens when you need to instantly move your car to another state, or perhaps, across the country? Finding reliable vehicle transport is imperative. If you’ve never had to ship a car across the country or even overseas, you might not be accustomed to the specialized transportation services. If you need to move a car and you’re not sure what questions you should be asking, take a look at the below tips:

Car Conditions
Ensuring your vehicle is in the right state for the voyage is an important part of the vehicle transport. Almost all auto transport companies recommend removing all the items from your car before transport. This plainly for safety reasons; however, some might allow up to 100 lbs of extra storage inside of your car. If there are items you plan on leaving inside your vehicle, make sure that the transport company allows you to store the extra weight inside.

Time of Year
There are prime times to transport your vehicle throughout the year. This is because the vehicle shipping rates are lower during some parts of the year as compared to the other times.… Read More..

All About Shipping in Winters

Since summers are coming to an end and the vehicle shipping industry is starting to slow down. During summers, more people are using vehicle transport services to move their vehicles. Thus, in summers the best vehicle shipping rates are higher.

Most people don’t prefer shipping their vehicles in the winter, because of the fair chances of getting stuck in the snow. Hence the vehicle shipping industry takes a hit from low demands. Major routes slow down during the wintertime, and many rural roads also practically shut down. Many smaller companies also stop carrying business if the weather gets too bad, leaving only a few options for vehicle shipping. So for those who decide to ship their vehicles in winters, the choices are few as most of the hauling companies only have a couple of trucks to use.

However, auto shipping rates are less on average in the winters. Companies are not too much busy. Instead, they are fighting for the customers which means that the customers have a lot of say in how much they are willing to spend on vehicle transport.

Winter shipments are much easier to schedule than summer shipments because it is unlikely that there will be any waiting list to access a hauler.… Read More..

9 Tips for Car Shipping

Having a professional auto carrier transport your car to another place is the most convenient and reliable way. They even have reasonable vehicle shipping rates. To make the best use out of it, below are a few tips you can follow:

  • Compare the prices of different companies. The top ten businesses come at the top for each city on our website.
  • Check your carrier’s feedback by going through the references.
  • Confirm your carrier’s liability.
  • Protect your vehicle from any elements. This is if your vehicle is a vintage vehicle or luxury one, you can get it top loaded where the car would be kept on the top deck of the carrier.
  • Inspect your car before pick-up and take photos, so that if there is any damage you can question about it later.
  • Take everything out of the vehicle, so that you don’t lose anything.
  • Leave only a quarter of the gas in the Tank, unless your carrier tells you otherwise.
  • Agree on a reliable pick-up and delivery location. Understand the pickup and drop location because not all companies offer door-to-door transport.
  • Keep a realistic timeline. This is to make sure your car reaches on time, so you need to plan the timings ahead of time.
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Tips for Shipping Your Car!

Are you planning to move to another state in the United States? Did you think about the moving of your car as well? Vehicle transport is not an easy task, but it sure is important since you would need it in the new city you are migrating to.

Here at Pro Auto Transport, we make it easier for you to transport your car to another place in the US by allowing you to choose among the top 10 trusted and secure car shipping businesses available around your area. You could then compare the vehicle shipping rates accordingly and contact them through us.

When you want your car shipped you have to see that you are ready for the company to load and transport it. For that the following can help you:

1) Unloading – Regardless of the vehicle you are transporting, we always ask to unload it ahead of time. The extra the weight the higher the cost, so it is better to unload it.

2) Lock it down – Make sure all the doors, windows and cabinets that can be opened when being transported, should be locked. Make sure nothing extra is hanging or open before the process of the shipping.… Read More..

Tips to Enjoy a Successful Car Relocation

Not everyone is familiar with the best car shipping companies. Some rely on others’ advice while the other goes for low vehicle shipping rates. If you are planning to ship your vehicle in the future, here are a few tips for you! Apply them and enjoy!

  • Make a plan and execute it! No need to work in a hurry! 
  • Make a budget.
  • Search for the leading companies providing the best vehicle transport services. Ask for a quote from all. Select the enterprises that are ready to serve within your budget. Don’t go after the first choice you have. 
  • Check the website of each selected company and compare their services. Check the reviews of the customers and examine the policies of the firm.
  • Make sure that you sign an agreement only when you are completely sure about the services.
  • Move in the Off-Season: This is a great option if you wish to save money when car relocation is not urgent. In the off-season, the prices go down. So, you can have more profit along with better car shipping services.
  • Check with Pro Auto Transport: If you are living in the United States, Pro Auto Transport is here to assist you! We are proud to tell that we act as an intermediate between the leading companies offering exceptional vehicle transportation services and people looking for such services.
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Tips to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Shipping

Are you planning to relocate your vehicle? Have you hired any vehicle transport company? Is your vehicle ready to go?

No one is going to move your vehicle individually! Rather, it will be loaded in a multi-car carrying truck and delivered to its destination. So, you have to make it clear that your car is ready for this adventure!

Here are the steps to follow to prepare your car for shipping:

  • Clean Your Vehicle: There is a risk that your car gets damaged during the relocation. So, wash your vehicle and check for all the already available scratches, dents, and dings. Better to click the pics so that you can prove later if your car gets any damage. Clean both from inside and outside!
  • Remove the unnecessary materials: Removing the things not required for the vehicle to move can help in avoiding the situation of things tossing around inside the car. Don’t keep anything like air freshener, chargers, speakers, and spare parts in your car. Also, it is better to remove the expensive things than feeling guilty afterward.
  • Disable alarm: The car might get slightly hit while relocating, and the buzzing of an alarm can irritate the truck driver in that situation.
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Advantages of Giving Tip to Your Vehicle Transporter

Vehicle transport across the country is in vogue! People love to travel in their own car and so ship their vehicle wherever they plan to go.

Do you give a tip to the driver who relocates your vehicle? No, then plan for one.

A Tip is not compulsory to give but is a good method to appreciate the efforts of the driver. And he, on getting recognized by extra payment, would love to offer the best service to you from next time.

Following are a few benefits you can enjoy by giving a tip to your driver, apart from the car shipping cost:

  • He will deliver your car earlier than expected, or at least on time, no matter how many hurdles come in his path.
  • He will make sure that your vehicle gets delivered to its destination in the same condition.
  • He will put extra efforts to keep communication with you. He will keep you inform so that you reach the destination spot on time.
  • He will remain polite with you throughout the process.
  • He will try to make the vehicle shipping easy for you by shipping the car as close to your front door as possible and that also without raising the auto transport rates!
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