Car Shipping Rates Sneaky Tricks – Don’t Be Fooled!

If you are contacting auto transportation companies you will start to see that no two companies charge the same price. Why is this and what can you do about it?

Why you see big difference in prices?

There can be many reasons why the car shipping rates you get fluctuate in price but one main reason is if you deal direct with a trucking company OR if you deal with an auto transport broker.

Whats the difference between dealing direct with trucking company or using an auto transportation broker?
An auto transport broker is similar to a travel agent by which they aren’t really doing the job but will find a company who will do it for the cheapest deal they can find.
Where as the actual trucking company does everything from start to finish and use there own trucks for the job.

So what’s up with the car shipping rates prices being so different?

The best way to explain is to use an example. Lets just say for example you are looking for a Michigan car shipping firm to move a car to Sacramento CA. The brokers car ship rate was quoted you at $799 and the trucking company’s quoted you at $1400.Read More..