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Today question is from Web visitor who needs cheap vehicle shipping service for a 2008 HyundaiSanta Feautomobile from the popular city of San Diego California 91914 CA  to sunny city of Aventura Florida 33160 FL.

Question:I need to ship my SUV on the time of Thanks Giving holiday. How would I go about to get a cheaper auto delivery rate shipping my SUV during this Thanks Giving holiday time?

Answer: That’s a great question and probably one that a lot of people think about. A thanks giving is a great holiday and just like any holiday it is a busier time of year because a lot of people are off from work and use that time to travel. A good example ofprice jumps is to check airline prices. For example, If you check flight prices the dates of and during Thanks Giving you will notice Huge increase in cost. A few days after or before the holiday prices return back to normal. So the best bet for you to get the cheapest Automobile Shipping Rates is to ship a vehicle a few days before Thanks Giving or wait till after the Holiday finishes. After a holiday is over things do go back to normal to some degree.… Read More..