How to Avoid Hidden Costs in Auto Transport?

Getting your car shipped to other places, especially overseas, involves great costs. If you do not wish to feel completely extorted, take a note of hidden costs that can be put over you in the end of car shipping. Here are some of the steps to ensure you know about all hidden costs beforehand and to avoid them:

1. Choose a reputable auto shipping company so that all the costs are direct and real. If you choose any cheap auto shipping company, chances are you will be paying lesser but will have to bear the hidden costs later. So, it is good to research thoroughly to zero upon a company that is reliable, pocket friendly, and bonded.
2. As you get to move your car, make sure you show the car to the company beforehand or let them know the year, model, and type of vehicle you are getting shipped. This should be done so that weight of the car can be approximated and exact cost can be determined to ship the car.
3. Do not leave everything over the discretion of the auto transport company. For example, you yourself must decide which type of car carrier, enclosed or open, you wish your car to be carried.… Read More..