Tips to Ship your Car Overseas

Vehicles are like investment. These are one of the most priced possessions of people, just next to property, most of the times. Moving them to far away places, especially to foreign countries can be troublesome for many people. But, no more, as here are a few tips for you to ship your vehicle hassle-free, easily and safely:

1. Choose a bonded, reliable, and licensed vehicle transport services provider only from your area, who has good track record of shipping cars internationally. These companies are experts at managing the paperwork and customs regulations that vary from country to country. These will cover all truck transport, air, ocean, or rail transport. To make a pocket-friendly as well as sound decision, you can log on to an auto shipping companies listing portal, like Here you can compare quotes and services side by side.

2. Submit all necessary paperwork requested by the auto shipper. Companies usually ask for two copies of a notarized title; a letter from the lien holder, if existential; a Shipper Export Declaration form; and a Declaration of Dangerous Goods form.

3. Check with your car-insurance company to see if your auto policy covers overseas transport. If not you will have to purchase shipping insurance.… Read More..