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Today question is from Web visitor who needs cheap vehicle shipping service for a 2008 HyundaiSanta Feautomobile from the popular city of San Diego California 91914 CA  to sunny city of Aventura Florida 33160 FL.

Question:I need to ship my SUV on the time of Thanks Giving holiday. How would I go about to get a cheaper auto delivery rate shipping my SUV during this Thanks Giving holiday time?

Answer: That’s a great question and probably one that a lot of people think about. A thanks giving is a great holiday and just like any holiday it is a busier time of year because a lot of people are off from work and use that time to travel. A good example ofprice jumps is to check airline prices. For example, If you check flight prices the dates of and during Thanks Giving you will notice Huge increase in cost. A few days after or before the holiday prices return back to normal. So the best bet for you to get the cheapest Automobile Shipping Rates is to ship a vehicle a few days before Thanks Giving or wait till after the Holiday finishes. After a holiday is over things do go back to normal to some degree.… Read More..

Free Automobile Shipping Rates Are They Accurate?

Free is a good thing and everybody is looking for a freebie. Its no surprise that auto carrier companies online are advertising “Free Quote Click Here” or “Free Instant Rates Call Now” as much as possible. So you must be wondering are these quotes really free? Yes, every car moving company will quote you a free rate at no charge. But that’s not the question you should be asking. The real question is How much is it if I want to ship my automobile right this moment?

Now you are probably thinking what this madness is? How can a quoted price from an auto transportation company be different then what it will be when you’re ready to actually do the shipping. The answer is that it’s just a quoted price also known as “non binding” rate. This simply means that the car hauler company is simply using there best judgment from past experience to provide you with Automobile Shipping Rates that will be ballpark of what your shipment should cost. There are many factors that can change the price such as time of month, weather and driver route. You will get a more exact rate once you are officially ready to book order but it should be close to or around the quoted price you got.… Read More..