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Since online auctions started popping up during the mid-1990s, individuals have been able to find excellent deals on everything from earrings to automobiles. Today, sources estimate that Americans buy and sell over 15 million automobiles online every year. But have you ever wondered how a winning bidder in Florida takes possession of a car they bought from a seller in California?

Answer: Cross Country Professional Auto Transport

Whether a person purchased a car via an online auction, or even if he needs to ship his classic ’57 Chevy to his new home across the country, auto transport companies are the most practical option to carry cars over long distances. The leading car shipping companies can provide affordable and reliable services, as well as specialized transportation options for RV transport, motorcycle shipping, and even for moving a boat.

Whatever the reason you are looking to ship a car across country, it is necessary to realize that not all Professional Auto Transport companies are created equal. Thus, it is not always wise to choose a cheap shipping company, only because they offer low prices. The top auto shipping companies will possess the right equipment for each job, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable staff.

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Tips to Ship your Vehicle Carefully

Pro Auto Transport provides you with the list of various Professional Auto Transport companies. You can compare with different businesses and know their vehicle shipping rates. For shipping your car, keep these steps in your mind:

  • Many companies put extra stress on the vehicle that is being sent and make the process most expensive for you by adding more auto shipping rates. Be aware of them!
  • Remember to remove any item that could move during shipping. Tuck them away for their safety.
  • Get your brakes checked and your tank at least 1/4th filled.
  • It is important to realize the price of a container is standard worldwide. If you delay it, then the price will likely go up. So decide your auto transport rates wisely with transporter.
  • Choose the one suiting all your requirements.
  • Consider the methods your auto transport company is choosing while transporting your vehicle.
  • Keep track of your vehicle when it is being shipped.
  • Read all the terms and conditions carefully before signing the contract with any company.
  • Beware of fake companies and brokers.
  • Keep all your documents with you in case of any emergency during shipping.

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Advantages of Giving Tip to Your Vehicle Transporter

Vehicle transport across the country is in vogue! People love to travel in their own car and so ship their vehicle wherever they plan to go.

Do you give a tip to the driver who relocates your vehicle? No, then plan for one.

A Tip is not compulsory to give but is a good method to appreciate the efforts of the driver. And he, on getting recognized by extra payment, would love to offer the best service to you from next time.

Following are a few benefits you can enjoy by giving a tip to your driver, apart from the car shipping cost:

  • He will deliver your car earlier than expected, or at least on time, no matter how many hurdles come in his path.
  • He will make sure that your vehicle gets delivered to its destination in the same condition.
  • He will put extra efforts to keep communication with you. He will keep you inform so that you reach the destination spot on time.
  • He will remain polite with you throughout the process.
  • He will try to make the vehicle shipping easy for you by shipping the car as close to your front door as possible and that also without raising the auto transport rates!
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Points to Consider While Choosing an Auto Transport Company

What will you do if you need to move your car to a considerably large distance without driving, towing or pushing it? This may appear like a silly question to you. But choosing a reliable transport service with genuine auto transport rates can be a challenging task.

The reasons for shipping the vehicles may vary from person to person. Some of them are:

• You bought your favorite car from a distant collector, and you want to get it shipped to your address soon.
• You might purchase an out-of-state used car on the Internet.
• You want to get your car shipped to your new home.

A low-cost idea would be to find someone to drive your vehicle to the desired destination, but it puts your vehicle at a high risk of wear and tear. It is highly unacceptable if your vehicle is an expensive luxury car.

One of the best alternatives is using an auto transport service.

Here are some of the points you need to consider:

• Your budget and the car shipping cost
• You want a closed carrier or an open one
• How flexible is the delivery date?
• Is the vehicle in good running order?… Read More..

Do Auto Transporters Really Know How To Ship Cars Safely?

There are many Auto Transporters out there across the nation. Some are actual truckers and others are brokers. Both working together on once common goal, to get your vehicle delivered to you safely and quickly. Safety and delivery speed is top priority on every companies list.

Safety Issues To Be Noted:
1) Insurance – Hopefully the company you use will be licensed, bonded and insured. Its always a good idea to ask for proof of these things. Don’t be shy about it either, its your car and you should feel comfortable with the delivery company you pick.
2) Will It Fit – not car has this problem but some vehicles do. They can be to small or to Large to fit onto the auto carrier’s truck. If you have a regular sedan then don’t sweet it but if you have an unusual exotic car, a weird little miniature vehicle or a Monster Truck you should definitely note the dimensions to the transporter before you sign anything.

Now getting your vehicle to you in one peace is one thing but with no damage is another thing. Always take pictures of your car before its loaded and go over the bill of landing with the driver to mark off any current damage you see.Read More..