What you prefer for your vehicle “open or enclosed carrier”?

Auto shipping is one of the most important tasks that we come across in our life. Now you don’t need to worry as we are here with a complete directory of car shipping companies across the country. Choosing the carrier type for your vehicle is an important question that come across your mind while shipping your car. All the auto shipping companies listed under us are providing both types of carriers.

The choice of the carriers depends upon the type of the vehicle that has to be shipped.  The open carriers do 70% of the auto shipping. You must have seen open carriers, shipping vehicles around your city. However, some of the clients are ready to pay the extra bucks for their vehicle. The vehicle shipping rates using an enclosed carrier varies from 300$-400$.

With the enclosed carriers, your vehicle is secure from the outside elements like rain, stone and dust. If you are shipping luxury cars, antique cars or high-end sports cars then we suggest you to go for the enclosed vehicle carrier. All the auto shipping companies listed under us are providing you with enclosed carriers. You can research on the companies account and go for the detail. If you want to make your day special with an additional discount, just tell them that you found the company via our website.

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