Making Vehicle Shipping Safe

Are you a multi-vehicle family and planning to move? Need an auto shipping company to transport your vehicle safely, quickly and conveniently to your new destination? You are at right place. We at Pro Auto Transport provides you with a list of best and professional automobile transportation companies. But before you choose a vehicle shipping company you need to keep in mind some of the points:

  • Make sure the company you are choosing has a proof of federal license, insurance, and bond requirements.
  • When the hauler visits to pick up your vehicle, he should take photos and note any scratches, dents, etc. The photos should be dated and attached to the shipping invoice. These can be used in case there are any damage disputes.
  • Before signing the contract with any shipping company, make sure everything including the estimated pick-up and delivery dates and times you agreed to, insurance coverage and delivery location are spelled out clearly in the contract.
  • The vehicle shipping rates are always according to the level of service provided by a particular company.
  • It is necessary for you to know that the vast majority of companies from which you get bids are brokers. Make sure you know the person with whom you are dealing and don’t forget to check all the licensing and customer testimonials.
  • Also, keep a note that auto shipping companies do not take a car if anything is being transported inside the car.

So, no matter whether you are shipping a car, motorcycle, SUV or boat, treat it with kindness and hire only the best, experienced and cheap car shipping company.

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