Luxury Auto Transportation- Enclosed Carrier Service For Cars $100,000K +

Every day there are 1,000’s of cars being transported to different states cross country and internationally. Each auto transport company is hauling different makes and models of vehicles. But what about the expensive kinds of cars, the automobiles that top the price tag of over $100k?

These types of luxury vehicles tend to fall in a category all of there own and yes, they can be hauled on a regular open sided auto carrier but most of these vehicle owners opt for a more “luxury” delivery service then the normal family sedan. In fact, a owner who has vehicle of such caliber such as a Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce or Bentley just to name a few examples usually don’t mind spending the extra money to ship there prize positions in a safer way. Now before you ask, what do you mean by “safer” and is open auto transportation not safe, let me explain.

Open Auto transportation VS Enclosed Carriers:

In brief the main difference is that enclosed car transporting simply means your vehicle will be placed on an auto carrier truck which is “covered” or in industry terms “enclosed carrier”. Is it better and is it safer for your car? Well yes, when you get enclosed car transport service your automobile will have NO contact from the outside. That means no flying pebbles and road debris, weather or potential vandals will be able to see or get to it. That’s not to say that open carrier service is dangerous its just that enclosed is taking all precautions to ensure your vehicle a extra safe travel. Did we mention it will arrive to you just as clean as you when it was driven onto the delivery truck?

If your need your expensive vehicle moved then it might be worth the extra dollars to get enclosed car transporters service to ensure your vehicle arrives to its new destination exactly as it departed from its old destination. For more questions please give one of the auto movers on a call and mention this website for a cheap rate.

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