Factors Determining the Car Shipping Rates.

Auto shipping rates often surprise you with its unbearable rates. Mostly it is burdensome for the client to manage the shipping rates on their budget. Even the calculation of the car shipping cost is a bit frustrating for you. The vehicle shipping prices may vary widely among the shipping companies so, you always encounter a question that which company you should go with?
Here we have jotted down a quick description of what factors determine the auto shipping rates

1. Distance:
Distance is the main factor that is kept in mind while calculating the car shipping cost. The distance of the shipping is determined by using the pick_up address and drop-off location. Cars lose their value when extra miles are put on them; hence most of the people choose to ship their vehicle instead of adding extra mileage to it.

2. Model & Type:
At the first instance, you are asked about the car details for creating the quotes. Car details are used for calculating the weight and size of the vehicle to be transported. It rely on the company whether it is allowing personal belongings inside the vehicle or not.

3. Closed/enclosed carrier:
The carrier also adds up to the calculating factors. If you are choosing the open carrier, you are going to be charged less however the enclosed transport may cost you some extra bucks. These additional dollars are charged because your vehicle is protected from the outside elements. Mostly clients with luxury or sports car ask for enclosed carriers.

Rest of the factors depend on the company norms and the type of insurance it is providing. We recommend you to not only look at the cheap rate of car shipping, instead do a complete research on the company’s profile.

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