The Difference Between the Two Main Methods of Car Shipping

Are you planning to move across the country along with your car? Shipping a car through a reliable car moving service is a fantastic and stress-free option that will save both your money and time during the moving process. You can even compare both the best car shipping cost and your expenses, including gas prices, insurance, maintenance, and hotel stays if you had to drive there!

Usually, car shipping companies offer two different modes of vehicle transport. Each offers its own string of perks, but the decision is wholly up to you!

Multicarrier: It is a great and budget friendly vehicle transport option, but it takes time because many cars are loaded onto a single carrier. So the transporter needs to stop to drop off and pick up the cars regularly. If you are not in a rush, choosing this option will definitely help you in saving your money.

Enclosed carriers: This option is faster and safer for vehicle transport, but can cost more than using an open truck. If it is your favorite or vintage car and you have to spend your life savings restoring, then your best bet is to get it shipped in a safe, protected auto carrier and protect your prized possession. In open multi-carriers, the cars are exposed to the elements like dust, pollution and weather change, which means that there is the potential that your vehicle can sustain any damage. Just make sure to check that your carrier has enough insurance that can protect your car in case of any accident.

Always make sure to give the company your contact information as they will call you 12 to 24 hours before the car drop off and pick up.

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