Be Careful While Shipping Your Vehicle

Bought a new car today? Is it a surprise gift to your wife? Do you find it difficult to look for a car shipping company? Well, the solution to your problem is right here! Pro Auto Transport is the largest directory of Auto Transport companies that will help you to find the names of the companies starting from At o Z.

Don’t book a vehicle for shipping until you are positive about your transport needs. Before you book an Auto Transport company, you should follow these tips:

If the vehicle is not picked up within the required date, ask the company to give back the refund of your deposit.

Never book your car for auto transport even if it carried by the best auto companies unless they ship it in a sealed container.

The company should provide you with an “original inspection report” at the time of pickup. Be sure to inspect the vehicle before the driver leaves and note any discrepancies in the condition of the vehicle right on the “original inspection report” and have the driver sign it.

Keep your Insurance information and vehicle registration at the time of pick up.

Even if you just bought a vehicle from any website or any car dealer and it has not been registered, you should do the insurance first.

Be as honest in describing the vehicle details that needs to be shipped to the car transport carriers. This way they bring the right vehicle to transport it.

Pro Auto Transport lists the car shipping companies that are licensed and Bonded and provide Door-to-Door services to the customers. These companies are aware of the market place and deliver your vehicle at the right place in time and without any damage.

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