Do Auto Transporters Really Know How To Ship Cars Safely?

There are many Auto Transporters out there across the nation. Some are actual truckers and others are brokers. Both working together on once common goal, to get your vehicle delivered to you safely and quickly. Safety and delivery speed is top priority on every companies list.

Safety Issues To Be Noted:
1) Insurance – Hopefully the company you use will be licensed, bonded and insured. Its always a good idea to ask for proof of these things. Don’t be shy about it either, its your car and you should feel comfortable with the delivery company you pick.
2) Will It Fit – not car has this problem but some vehicles do. They can be to small or to Large to fit onto the auto carrier’s truck. If you have a regular sedan then don’t sweet it but if you have an unusual exotic car, a weird little miniature vehicle or a Monster Truck you should definitely note the dimensions to the transporter before you sign anything.

Now getting your vehicle to you in one peace is one thing but with no damage is another thing. Always take pictures of your car before its loaded and go over the bill of landing with the driver to mark off any current damage you see. Most of the time auto transporters get your car shipment delivered to you perfect. But you should know that there are always chances of unforeseen occurrences. To best protect yourself always have a copy of all paper work and signed bill of landing from driver.
To find some reliable companies visit and search the many Auto Transport Websites listed within.


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