Is Auto Transporters door to door delivery a lie?

If your looking for auto transporters online you probably hear to slogan “we ship Door-to-door” all the time from every auto carrier and there mother. But lets face the real facts here. If you live in a area that does not safely let a truck to travel to your location then guess what, your not going to get door-to-door delivery service no matter what. So, if you live down a narrow dirt road in the middle of no-where, on the side of a cliff or in an apartment building with no direct access you are going to have to meet the car transport company in another drop off location.

Whats in the photo above:

You can see an old school gold color Chevy corvette being driven down the ramp of a car delivery truck. Now some auto transportation companies use smaller trucks such as what you see in the photo to deliver a car to areas where there is limited space for a large truck to stand.  Now back to the picture, you can see this truck driver decided to park and deliver the vehicle in a turning lane, not the safest spot to meet a truck driver to get your car back but nobody ever said truck drivers are the most logical people. In any case, If you cant get your vehicle dropped of in front of your home, may we suggest you meet your car transport driver at a shopping center.

If you are requesting door-to-door shipping from Auto Transporters Online just make sure you explain to them the location of your home to be sure you get what you pay for.

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