Auto Shipping Service for A New Car Cost More then Transporting an Old Car?

You’re going to ship a car you have to be wondering does Auto Shipping Service for a New Car cost higher then hauling an old one? Well any auto transport company will tell you the age of the vehicle does matter in terms of if it’s an antique car as those types of cars do require special handling.  Auto shipping service for new cars can some times cost more depending if its very high end luxury or exotic vehicle.

In the case of the photo you can see some different types of vehicles and difference in years. For example, on top of the carrier there is a white crown Victoria probably around 2001 model and on the back of truck is a new 2013 black Chevrolet Camaro. Did they both get the same automobile shipping rates to ship there rides? Probably not and that’s just not because of the vehicle year it also largely depends on the pick up and delivery location of each that makes the price difference.

The auto hauling truck in the picture also has a smaller carrier, which means the driver can carry less cars from the looks of it probably 5 vehicles. So if your car is new or old the price should still be the same unless your automobile does require some special needs that can make the rates increase.


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