How to get a Reliable Vehicle Hauling Company?

The Internet shopping industry has grown to such an extent that it is now something very normal for people to use the internet and purchase something. Even for Vehicle Transport, it has become common for people to search for it online. Today, the internet is being used for not only purchasing cars, but also for booking rides. Even when you are buying a vehicle how do you get it to your house without breaking your bank? You would need to choose the right and reliable company for it and how do you do that?

The following are the ways to check for a reputable company with great vehicle shipping rates. It tells you what you need to ask them before you hire them:

You need to know if the Professional Auto Transport company uses open or closed trailers. This is because the closed trailers can move the car or bike safely where it would not be exposed to the outside elements. But opt for this option since it usually costs 60% more than the open trailer transport system.

Typically, every vehicle transport company has different rates for different seasons. They get cheaper during the winter months usually and can save you an enormous amount of money.… Read More..

Options to Consider While Vehicle Shipping

When you have to move a car from one place to the other, you get in and drive it. But what if you need long distance or overseas transport?  You will probably need to consider some good options. The choices for vehicle transport run the range from hiring professional auto transportation services to hiring a local driver. Your choice entirely depends on your budget. Here is the list of some of the options you can consider:

Open-Air Truck: Using a consumer-oriented car shipper is the most popular way to transport a car cross-country. Most commercial car shipping companies put cars on an open-air trailer similar to the ones used for new cars. The cost also varies for door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal transport.

Enclosed Truck: If you are concerned about the effect of dust, pollution and weather on your vehicle, you can consider using an enclosed truck. It gives the required peace of mind regarding the damage to your vehicle. The car shipping cost is higher in this case. Make sure to get the adequate insurance from the shipper in any case.

Professional Driver Service: Don’t mind adding the extra miles to your car? Consider using a driver provided by a professional service.… Read More..

Tips to Ship your Vehicle Carefully

Pro Auto Transport provides you with the list of various Professional Auto Transport companies. You can compare with different businesses and know their vehicle shipping rates. For shipping your car, keep these steps in your mind:

  • Many companies put extra stress on the vehicle that is being sent and make the process most expensive for you by adding more auto shipping rates. Be aware of them!
  • Remember to remove any item that could move during shipping. Tuck them away for their safety.
  • Get your brakes checked and your tank at least 1/4th filled.
  • It is important to realize the price of a container is standard worldwide. If you delay it, then the price will likely go up. So decide your auto transport rates wisely with transporter.
  • Choose the one suiting all your requirements.
  • Consider the methods your auto transport company is choosing while transporting your vehicle.
  • Keep track of your vehicle when it is being shipped.
  • Read all the terms and conditions carefully before signing the contract with any company.
  • Beware of fake companies and brokers.
  • Keep all your documents with you in case of any emergency during shipping.

Before Choosing your Vehicle Shipping Company, follow these important steps and make your vehicle shipping an amazing one!… Read More..

Fast Facts to Keep in Mind while Auto Shipping

Are you planning to ship your car to another State? Well, you are not the only person who thinks this way. A lot of people ship their vehicle yearly in the United States, which makes the industry a whopping of $12 billion and more. But this doesn’t mean that the car shipping cost is a lot, it is in fact very cheap. It saves you from the extra you would spend on the gas, plus the wear and tear repairs. If you wish to transport your car across the country, keep the following in mind:

  • You can’t store anything in your car: While it might feel like the best thing to do while shipping your car, most companies do not allow it. In case some companies allow you to do it, you would be allowed only about 50 to 100 pounds of cargo.
  • The pricing will vary according to distance and season: If you would want to ship your car during the summer, it might cost you a bit more since it is the peak season. While if you ship your car during the winter, it would cost you less. You must also keep the mileage in mind for your vehicle transport.
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Plan A Road Trip Without the Hassle of Shipping Your Car

When it comes to road trips, everyone is excited to go. For most of us, road trips are typically enjoyable, but that is not always the case when the road trip involves relocating.

Though adventurous and exciting, road trips can put vast amounts of highway miles on your vehicle and result in more gas along the way. Sometimes, it can be difficult to travel from one location to the next with more than one vehicle or with one attached to a truck. For this reason, you can hire a professional auto shipping company offering a reasonable car transport rates.

Shipping your car is a great option for long road trips with multiple stops along the way. Save money on gas and mileage by choosing a vehicle transport company to take care of the details for you. They deliver your vehicle to its intended destination, so that it is already there upon your arrival.

Cross-country trips are popular, yet time-consuming. Factoring in stops for gas, meals, visits, and sleep adds up to about a week and a half of traveling to reach your destination. Reduce the length of time to get there by using auto hauling services from a car shipping company instead.… Read More..

9 Tips for Car Shipping

Having a professional auto carrier transport your car to another place is the most convenient and reliable way. They even have reasonable vehicle shipping rates. To make the best use out of it, below are a few tips you can follow:

  • Compare the prices of different companies. The top ten businesses come at the top for each city on our website.
  • Check your carrier’s feedback by going through the references.
  • Confirm your carrier’s liability.
  • Protect your vehicle from any elements. This is if your vehicle is a vintage vehicle or luxury one, you can get it top loaded where the car would be kept on the top deck of the carrier.
  • Inspect your car before pick-up and take photos, so that if there is any damage you can question about it later.
  • Take everything out of the vehicle, so that you don’t lose anything.
  • Leave only a quarter of the gas in the Tank, unless your carrier tells you otherwise.
  • Agree on a reliable pick-up and delivery location. Understand the pickup and drop location because not all companies offer door-to-door transport.
  • Keep a realistic timeline. This is to make sure your car reaches on time, so you need to plan the timings ahead of time.
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Which Costs More – Vehicle Transport or Driving it Yourself

One of the many questions people ask a lot is that, is vehicle transport cheaper than driving it yourself to another state in the United States? Another big question is would you be able to save money in transporting the car?

Even though prices can be a bit intimidating, you aren’t breaking down the prices while driving the car to the destination yourself. Think about it yourself, if driving the car there was convenient and affordable you would not be looking for us, right? And that’s where we, Pro Auto Transport, help you by exposing you to the local transporting services available around you with reasonable car shipping costs. We have also broken down how much you would be spending by driving your car across the country.

Imagine that you are travelling from California to Maryland. You would be driving for more than 3,000 miles to reach your destination. This would take about 56 hours and 31 minutes approximately driving there which is equivalent to 2.35 days. And obviously you would need to sleep, eat and refuel the car on the way. What is the use to drive this way?

Let’s say you buy the fuel for the trip which is approximately $370 and spend $100 on food which would approximately go for two and a half days.… Read More..

Tips for Shipping Your Car!

Are you planning to move to another state in the United States? Did you think about the moving of your car as well? Vehicle transport is not an easy task, but it sure is important since you would need it in the new city you are migrating to.

Here at Pro Auto Transport, we make it easier for you to transport your car to another place in the US by allowing you to choose among the top 10 trusted and secure car shipping businesses available around your area. You could then compare the vehicle shipping rates accordingly and contact them through us.

When you want your car shipped you have to see that you are ready for the company to load and transport it. For that the following can help you:

1) Unloading – Regardless of the vehicle you are transporting, we always ask to unload it ahead of time. The extra the weight the higher the cost, so it is better to unload it.

2) Lock it down – Make sure all the doors, windows and cabinets that can be opened when being transported, should be locked. Make sure nothing extra is hanging or open before the process of the shipping.… Read More..

Tips to Enjoy a Successful Car Relocation

Not everyone is familiar with the best car shipping companies. Some rely on others’ advice while the other goes for low vehicle shipping rates. If you are planning to ship your vehicle in the future, here are a few tips for you! Apply them and enjoy!

  • Make a plan and execute it! No need to work in a hurry! 
  • Make a budget.
  • Search for the leading companies providing the best vehicle transport services. Ask for a quote from all. Select the enterprises that are ready to serve within your budget. Don’t go after the first choice you have. 
  • Check the website of each selected company and compare their services. Check the reviews of the customers and examine the policies of the firm.
  • Make sure that you sign an agreement only when you are completely sure about the services.
  • Move in the Off-Season: This is a great option if you wish to save money when car relocation is not urgent. In the off-season, the prices go down. So, you can have more profit along with better car shipping services.
  • Check with Pro Auto Transport: If you are living in the United States, Pro Auto Transport is here to assist you! We are proud to tell that we act as an intermediate between the leading companies offering exceptional vehicle transportation services and people looking for such services.
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Tips to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Shipping

Are you planning to relocate your vehicle? Have you hired any vehicle transport company? Is your vehicle ready to go?

No one is going to move your vehicle individually! Rather, it will be loaded in a multi-car carrying truck and delivered to its destination. So, you have to make it clear that your car is ready for this adventure!

Here are the steps to follow to prepare your car for shipping:

  • Clean Your Vehicle: There is a risk that your car gets damaged during the relocation. So, wash your vehicle and check for all the already available scratches, dents, and dings. Better to click the pics so that you can prove later if your car gets any damage. Clean both from inside and outside!
  • Remove the unnecessary materials: Removing the things not required for the vehicle to move can help in avoiding the situation of things tossing around inside the car. Don’t keep anything like air freshener, chargers, speakers, and spare parts in your car. Also, it is better to remove the expensive things than feeling guilty afterward.
  • Disable alarm: The car might get slightly hit while relocating, and the buzzing of an alarm can irritate the truck driver in that situation.
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