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Can I ship a non running vehicle?

All vehicles can be shipped. Although this is true, you really don’t want any unpleasant surprises at the time of your vehicle transport. There is always an additional charge for a vehicle that can not drive onto the carrier under its own power and it usually runs from $25to$100. Be sure to mention this when arranging for car shipping so the auto transport company sends the right properly equipped vehicle. When you book with an auto transport company be sure to discuss any characteristics of your vehicle that differ from the way it left the factory. Even what can appear to be minor differences can sometimes affect the ability of the driver they sent to move your vehicle. For example if your 63 VW Bug has an oil leak, and the driver was planning on putting it on the upper level right over the cab, this could be an issue for the driver who is forced to rearrange the order of the vehicles he is transporting.

 If your vehicle has an unreliable battery you should replace it prior to shipping. This is because if your running vehicle becomes a non running vehicle during transit the driver will expect to be compensated ($100). Check the air pressure in your tires as well as be sure to leave your fuel tank less then ¼ full. This is because not all vehicles are transported perfectly level; if your fuel tank is full the fuel may spill out. Next auto transport FAQ
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