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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best way to use the Pro Auto Transport directory?

      The best way to get started in the search for an auto transport company is to understand the process of how vehicles get shipped. The Pro Auto Transport Directory works in the same way those other directories like the phone book work. Companies that transport cars are listed on the first page as well as in states that they frequently visit based on the routes their trucks usually take. One additional feature of the Pro Auto Transport directory is, when you click on any listed company anywhere in the directory it will take you directly to that company’s home page.

   If this is your first time shipping a vehicle you will be glad to hear that shipping a car isn’t much different then mailing a box of cookies to your friends back home. In the same way that there are several companies that ship packages there are several companies that ship vehicles. Pro Auto Transport saves time by listing these companies in one convenient place. One way to use this directory you can glance down the first page and contact any companies listed that you believe will satisfy your needs, another method is to go to both the state you are shipping from and the state you are shipping to and click on the auto transport companies that are listed there, by clicking on theses companies it will take you to their home page where you can then fill out their quote forms or you can call them directly. Next auto transport FAQ
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» What if I want more transport quotes then the number of car transporters listed under my ship to and ship from states?
» Is there any reason for the order the car shipping companies are listed in at Pro Auto Transport?
» Can I ship a non running vehicle on a carrier?
» What is auto drive away?


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