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What is auto drive away?

    There are basically two methods currently used in the United States for car shipping service. They are the nine car open carrier and the enclosed auto transport carriers. Both of these methods involve the use of a full time truck driver who is licensed, insured but most importantly trained at car shipping. Even though it does take up a lot of time dropping off and picking up vehicles that are traveling on the same carrier as your vehicle, the reality is that these methods are actually quite efficient. This is because in the case of the nine car auto transport carriers, one driver can transport nine vehicles at once. Although the Federal Motor Carrier Administration requires the car transport driver to stop to sleep along his route he is still able to keep his rig moving at a speed of about 800 miles per day. Your cost is just a fraction of the total amount of fuel used plus the same fraction of the driver’s time, but most importantly it’s not your vehicle that all these miles are being put on. Only the auto transport carrier itself is suffering the wear and tear of long distance driving.

  In the old days, a common and affordable way to ship vehicles was to get someone who needed to travel to the same place that your car was traveling to, to drive your car there. This is called auto drive away. Although there are still firms in business that will locate a driver, there are so many disadvantages that this method of auto transport is functionally obsolete. Airfare has become so affordable that people are rarely willing to sacrifice the time it takes to actually drive anywhere that is over 400 miles. More importantly your vehicle suffers wear and tear during transit while being driven by someone who may not really care about the long term survival of your car. There is a saying in Germany where the autobahn has a speed limit of 155 miles per hour that “no car is faster then a rent a car” What this means is that although people may own faster cars none is willing to drive them as fast or as reckless as those who are driving rent a cars.  It is quite possible that your auto drive away driver will treat your car as his own personal rent a car. These days this method rarely cost less, and the liability that you share if the car is in an accident makes this method one that few people choose. These factors, along with the concern you will have about your car being lost stolen or just breaking down makes this form of vehicle transport as obsolete as carbon paper. This is because if your car gets a flat tire while being transported in this fashion, and the repair bill is $350, what do you do then? Next auto transport FAQ
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