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Report From The Street!

The Rolls-Royce 2006 Phantom says “You Got It” Loud and Clear

Let’s get one thing straight, there is absolutely no sound reason to buy this car. This car is like having seconds at a sundae bar. This car will set you back $4,495, per month and that’s on a three lease. Anyone who can afford to buy this car doesn’t bother with financing they just right a check, in fact probably the most amazing thing about this car is that the manufacturer claims their target audience has a net worth of 20 to 50 million dollars each. What this car gives you for a price of $340,000 plus tax is admission to the club of the super rich. Everyone who sees you behind the wheel wonders how in the hell did that guy get the money to buy that ultra fine automobile.

It might surprise you to learn that some of the best British cars, the Range Rover and the Mini’s are the product of those Munich boys at BMW. With their most ambitious product yet, they decided to restore the luster to Rolls-Royce with the Phantom. It is not an accident that the current Rolls looks so different then the Bentley Continental GT. For many years Bentley and Rolls-Royce produced virtually identical cars with different grills. There was some hinting that Bentley’s were sportier and Rolls-Royce’s were more luxurious but they were still very similar. The breakup sent Bentley to VW and Rolls-Royce to BMW. It took six years for BMW to start shipping cars under the Rolls-Royce name. The Phantom is their first model and they put the upper end of the market as their target audience.

BMW went to great lengths to set the Rolls apart from the Bentley. The final design truly has a cartoonish nature because of the cars proportions. To get the effect you have to see the car in person but when you do you will instantly understand. It is enormous like the Duesenberg’s back in the thirties. It is 5foot 4 inches tall with a grill big enough to cook a side of beef. When you look back at the Rolls-Royce Corniche you are quickly reminded of how much they looked like Mercedes. The Phantom is different because of its scale; at 19 feet long it dwarfs all other cars even the Maybach 57. Besides its yacht like exterior it has an interior that would rival some New York City apartments on usable space.

BMW has been building the 745 for quite some time so they are accustom to building, powerful large luxury cars. Nevertheless the Phantom takes this to the next level. At 5,600 pounds BMW knew they need to put real power on tap. They went with a 6.8 liter aluminum block V-12 with 48 valves producing 453 horsepower and 537 lbs of torque. This produces a 0-60 time of 5.7 seconds which is respectable for anything short of a racecar. They achieved this by using an aluminum space frame and both aluminum and composite body panels. This car comes equipped with Michelin run flats mounted on 21 inch Aluminum alloy wheels.

The Phantom is built to order with a base price of $328k with many buyers adding $20,000 worth of options, if you ordered it fully loaded with every option it would come to $385k plus taxes. This is not a car you find for quite sometime discounted at E-Bay, at the time of this article the least expensive 2004 was listed at $250k. Cool features of this car include suicide rear doors and a pencil thin steering wheel right off a 66 Silver Cloud. As well as umbrellas in the rear doors in case it starts to rain, and the best known hood ornament that disappears when you are driving through the South Bronx, then reappears when you reach Park Avenue.

The Bentley GT Continental is only $153,000 and it comes with 553 horsepower and the absence of a three month wait. So, if you are looking for a reason to buy this car there really is only one, because you can. A ten inch longer extended version is in the works for late 2006, which makes sense because in this car, it’s okay to be driven.

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