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Report From The Street!

To Step up From a McLaren Try a Pagani

There are supercars and then there are supercars. The new Pagani Zonda C12F is clearly the later. Auto Week calls it the last Italian supercar. I guess they are saying that we are moving into a time beyond the supercar. This maybe true, today for under $60,000 you can buy some very special cars. The Elise, Evo or even the new Porsche Cayman all can be had for less then the sales tax on this car. However, if you have the where with all to lay down $675,000 and happen to have a place outside of the U.S. to keep it, then the Pagani Zonda C12F Club Sport is the car for you.

With only 25 Zondas being built per year, you are guaranteed complete exclusivity. Far more importantly, this car can be driven at completely insane speeds. On the Autobahn this car will rocket to 60 faster then you can say “g-force” and you will reach 200 in well under 25 seconds. The true specs of this car are unknown because this car hasn’t been tested in the U.S., and the few owners who have taken delivery haven’t yet volunteered their cars for a true performance test. With its 7.3 liter 641 horsepower Mercedes AMG V12 engine and a curb weight that has been trimmed down to a low 2700 pounds this car is a stealth fighter on wheels. There might be other cars with similar power to weight ratios but not with the racing history of this car. This car came directly out of Mercedes Racing as a Tribute to the driver Juan Manuel Fangio. It was initially built as a one of a kind, but when the finished product turned out so well Pagani decided to build the car in limited numbers.

Some American muscle cars most noticeably the new Corvette Z06 can match the mid three 0 to 60 times this car puts out. But where this car shines is in the turns. It is there that these other cars get beat. This car can handle so much lateral g-force that only the outside front tire and both rear tires are on the ground during a turn. The designers had planned this car to be balanced between road and track. The car was designed to be used to commute on the weekdays and race on the week end. The reality is that the rigidity of the frame along with the proximity to the ground makes this a track car that can be legally driven on roads in Europe. The truth is that you sit so low it makes you feel like your relationship to the ground is that of a gopher. The back wing adjusts to increase down force at greater speeds, so effective is this, that at 200 m.p.h. the car’s body is just two inches off of the road. This causes the slight imperfections in the road to make the car actually bottom out.

The interior cabin is quite luxurious, the product of ten perfectly smooth cowhides that give the car its better then just a race car feel. The interior is all business with enough room to feel as spacious as any sports car out there. The rear exhaust looks like the tail end of a Saturn 5 rocket and the cars overall appearance is that of a car out of a futuristic comic book. Yet it still has that Italian styling that reminds you that fast cars are sex objects, and this car is definitely a centerfold.     

When the discussion of fastest production car in the World comes up the McLaren F1 gets mentioned along with the Ferrari FXX but the truth is that if you put these two cars in a race against the Pagani it would come down to driver ability, and the track layout, more then the speed these cars can obtain on the straight a ways. Then consider that both of those cars cost more, and are harder to get, yet are more common on the open road then the Pagani. Cars, by there nature, get compared to other cars, but this car is like that fine wine that escapes even the most broadest comparisons. Unfortunately the nearest dealer is in Paris, but the good news is he has one available for immediate delivery.

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