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Report From The Street!

Lamborghini Murcielago Airplane like Speed for the Jet Set.

   It may be hard to imagine but this car is a bargain. This is the Lamborghini flagship after all, and it carries a lot of creed with both the in the know car guys and the cute girl at the drive thru. This is not the most exotic sought after car on the planet, and this is probably a good thing. A car that belongs in a museum like the Ferrari Enzo will never see many road miles because with only 400 ever produced the only place an Enzo will ever get parked  is it’s owners driveway. Lamborghini has succeeded in building cars that hold their value with out becoming collector items. If this sounds like a reason to buy a Ferrari, you pay a premium for a Ferrari’s potential collect ability so that if the Ferrari you bought doesn’t achieve that collector status you have over paid. With a brand new Lambo, you never over pay, sure it cost $320,000 for the Murcielago but you get F1 performance and an ease of driving that even Honda would envy.

   Lamborghini currently only makes two car models; the baby Lambo the Gallardo with a V10 and 493 horsepower and the Murcielago with a V12 and 571 horsepower. The Gallardo doesn’t have the super cool scissor doors that the Murcielago has, and Gallardo’s 4.4 sec 0-60 time is quick, but it’s not the 3.6 second rocket launch that you get with the all wheel drive Murcielago. The Murcielago comes with massive 335/30-18 Pirelli P-Zero rear tires that are as wide as any tire you will ever see. With a curb weight of only 3,659 lbs, it is not surprising how fast this car is. There are things missing that might surprise you like a roof.  This is a permanent convertible; the cloth roof is for use only when you accidentally get stuck in the rain. Visibility is also restricted, so it’s not a good inner city car, however get this car on a stretch of open road and the only car that will catch you will have its lights flashing.

    There are so many Porsche 911’s on the road that GT2 and even the $443,000 Porsche Carrera GT won’t stand out the way this car does. The 2006 Murcielago is a direct descendant of the car poster Countach, the only car with enough sex appeal to compete head on with Farrah Fawcett. Consider that in 1974 the 420 horsepower and 5.9 sec 0-60 times were exotic whereas today those numbers are only impressive not exotic. Nevertheless mid seventy Countach’s still fetch $60,000 to $90,000. Another advantage of owning a Lamborghini is that their name is so well known. You can drop the names McLaren, Morgan, or Shelby at a dinner party and you can’t be sure if they know what you’re talking about. With A Lamborghini even your dog walker will no exactly what type of car you are talking about.

  Every surface of the interior of the Murcielago is completely covered in rich supple Italian black leather, it is actually quite practical. If the car throws you around a bit on a sharp turn you only bump soft leather. The Interior of the car is both luxurious and practical. This is the only place you might visually notice the Audi influence of their 1998-2004 ownership of Lamborghini. The car is much larger then the Countach and it is the German engineered cockpit you really notice the scale of this car. If you were to point to a draw back of most real high end sports cars it is in interior spaciousness, this car is the exception. A foot wide armrest separates passenger and driver so each has their own space to deal with the blistering speed and heart racing turns this car is capable of.

    Most cars can quickly be compared to similar models made by other manufacturers. The fact that this is the fastest accelerating mass produced car is not what makes this car unique. (The next fastest car the Porsche Carrera GT is only a hair slower.)  It is the sheer impracticality of this car that separates it from all others. The baby Lambo only cost half as much and most people could only notice a difference if they were side by side. The Defining element of this car is its full time drop top status. This car will be at home in mostly southern states as it doesn’t have a winter mode. It does have a Picasso like quality, not just the masterpiece part, but the how can anybody spend so much money on something that doesn’t have three bedrooms and a bath quality. Nobody buys this car that doesn’t have three other cars in the driveway and a net worth of at least ten million. It is exactly this quality that has no comparison. You can compare First Class to Business and Coach, but you can’t compare it to owning your own Boeing 737. The Lamborghini Murcielago is a Boeing 737, and you can’t compare a 737 to a Subaru.

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