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Report From The Street!

To save $100k buy the Starter Lambo

Its not that the Murcielago is a bad car, but the Gallardo gives you more of what the Lamborghini experience is all about. The truth is; the Lamborghini Gallardo didn’t appear on my radar until I saw a yellow one waiting at a stop light. It was only then that I was immediately taken with this car. I knew which car it was because it had the small Lamborghini medallion on the hood and I knew that Lamborghini currently only makes two models and it wasn’t big enough to be the Murcielago. The Gallardo is a very compact car; it is 169 inches long which is a full twenty inches shorter then the new Mustang.

What intrigued me most the first time I saw one was its appearance. It has the appearance of being half stealth jet half Star Wars Starfighter. This car has the most aggressive look of any car at any price that I have ever scene up close. The Gallardo is only available with a V-10 5 liter engine that produces 500 horsepower.  The combination of a 23.8 gallon tank and abominable gas mileage means that the cruising range will only be around 200 to 250 miles.

The truly amazing thing about this car is its visual presence. It screams exotic supercar from every pore. This car will surely get you noticed, but when you take into accounts it like lack of visibility having other people notice the car is a good thing. In terms of parking this car, don’t park anyplace you can’t pull forward out of. However, if you pull up to a club with valet parking, don’t be surprised if they park it right out front like a lawn ornament.

What makes the Gallardo one of the best exotics is the Audi influence. The Italians have always understood the need for speed and handling, just look at Ferrari, while the Germans have always understood fit and Finish, just look at BMW. So for the couple of years that Audi owned Lamborghini they were able to divide the duties in such a way that the Italians would work on those things that made the car go fast while the Germans would handle those things that just had to work, like the air conditioning, door handles and power windows.

This car looks so good that anyplace you park, that is not your own driveway, people will wait till you come back just to see who gets to drive such an incredibly hot car. If you are wondering if appearance is enough of a reason to buy a car, just remember that Kevin Klein married Phoebe Cates. The performance of the car isn’t bad either. A 12.5 second ¼ mile is faster then all but the most extreme exotics. Few drivers will walk away feeling that they should have bought a faster car like the 11.8 second ¼ mile Porsche Turbo, a car that will never get as much attention at the car hop as the Gallardo.

The seats are a little firm for cross country driving and the lack of luggage room also deters this use for the car. The only other downside to the Gallardo is the Gallardo SE. It turns out that on July19, 2005 Lamborghini announced that they would produce a run of 250 limited edition Gallardo SE’s (special edition). These cars will be sold for only $10,000 more then the standard model which is the price of the regular option price of the e-gear shifter alone. The problem is that Lamborghini announced that these SE models will not be available here in the U.S. The SE edition will come with both a two tone exterior paint job and a two tone interior. To improve performance the SE will get Pirelli P zero tires, shorter gear ratio’s for the first five gears, firmer springs and a more precise steering system. But make no mistake, what reduces the 0-62 time from 4.2 seconds to 4.0 seconds is a feature called, get this, Thrust Mode. What Thrust Mode does is, it is a robotic shifting mechanism that will automatically hurl you down the road by simultaneously shifting gears and revving the engine faster then humanly possible. It is part of the e-gear package and is nothing less then an actual rocket launch. The manufacturer also throws in a car cover with the SE. The next version of the Gallardo comes out in 2007 and I am sure Lamborghini won’t disappoint anyone with that car either..

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