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Report From The Street!

Another $40,000 Mustang car that you got to have

By now every die hard Mustang fan out there either already bought a version of Ford’s new Mustang or is saving up and waiting till spring 2006 when the Shelby Cobra Mustang goes on sale for about $40,000. Just when every possible alternative vehicle for your money seems so completely unfaithful to your Mustang desire something new comes along that’s very existence never even occurred to you.

Chip Foose has become famous among the inner car circles by building absolutely incredible one of kind variants of classic cars. He builds them from the ground up and then sells them for about a million dollars each. To see some examples of his work check out his web site His specialty is hot-rods, and  has teemed up with Unique Performance of Dallas to build 3000 individually numbered 2006 Mustangs with the model to be called the Stallion. He is also the lead designer on The Learning Channel show Overhaulin’.

Performance will be increase by modifying the exhaust, adding racing inspired Eibach springs and strut braces. Baer brakes will improve stopping distance and a JBA high flow muffler and a high flow air filter won’t hurt either. These cars will be sold right through your local Ford dealer and will include a full 5 year factory warranty. No one is going to argue that this car will take down the similarly priced Mustang Cobra, but that’s not what this car is about. This car brings to life a different retro feeling. In 1978-1979 Ford sold a Mustang King Cobra that was priced at $9,000 or exactly double the price of a stock mustang. Only 500 of these cars were built, and although muscle car guys criticized the cars meager 139 horsepower engine, actual car owners felt they had something special. Was that car worth it? Well it had an incredible street presence with a scoop and ground effects. This is the Foose Mustang’s appeal.  One big difference is that with the current Mustang GT model getting 300 horsepower the Foose model can’t have any less. Expected horsepower is in the 312 to 320 range. So the concern that it will be under powered is unfounded. Some people will criticize Foose buyers for not waiting for the Cobra but other will criticize them for not buying a Vette.

The Foose Mustang, if they are successful in selling enough to keep the project viable, will get a big boost in power in the 2007 model by way of a supercharger. Although this idea was initially proposed for the first run, Foose felt it was important to make the cars available at the same time as other 2006 mustang models in late September early October 2005.  The 2007 model may be available with as much as 462 horsepower but expect it to be sold as two different models with the more powerful version coming in at somewhere between 50 and 60 thousand dollars.

The Foose Stallion will get a small name plate for both the grill and the trunk lip. Once somebody sees one 2006 Foose Mustang they will then be easily recognizable by their hood paint design which looks like a huge T-shirt stretched out to dry on the hood.  So what exactly is the look you are getting for your $13,000 option over a base GT? First there is the paint job. Actual DuPont Hot Hues finish with custom graphics. Second, there are the dubs; 20 inch custom designed by Chip Foose himself Aluminum wheels that come with high performance tires from B.F.Goodrich. Lastly is the interior with special brushed aluminum trim and custom leather seats.

In this day of collectibles, cars have become more then just transportation. According to the manufacturer, the 2006 Stallion isn’t just a car it’s a cruisin’ machine. With many car enthusiasts packing their driveways with three or four different vehicles it is easy to understand how a manufacturer can hope to sell a limited number of instant classics. With the success of the current Mustang, we can only hope to see more specialty Mustangs in the near future, maybe a Boss or Mach 1 version will be soon to follow.

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Foose Mustang Car

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Foose Mustang
Foose Mustang car

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