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Report From The Street!

The Gentleman’s convertible

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There are a couple of things that a car this big is surprisingly with out. The trunk is a briefcase size 6.1 cubic feet and the interior is not as refined as even a top of the line Lexus. It is important to note that like some other 4 passenger sports cars the back seats are strictly for the not yet learned to read set.

Its hard to argue that the DB9 Volante would be suitable as your only car. If you already have a Porsche, a Mercedes, and a Range Rover then adding a Volante makes perfect sense. For some occasions like reunions, going to church or to a restaurant with valet parking an Aston makes the statement that no other car does “shaken, not stirred”.

If the price of $173,000 seems like a lot for this car, it is. Aston Martin has decided to produce a starter Aston coming out in February 2006. The V8 Vantage will have an identical 4.9 sec 0 to 60 time and cost only $115,000. Aston martin expects this one car to single-handedly double world wide yearly car sales to 4,000 and will arrive in 2007 as a convertible model as well.

The only way to justify the purchase of an Aston Martin is to consider it the equivalent of a fine time piece. Rolex watches start at over $1,500 about 100 times that of a starter level Timex. An Aston Martin DB9 Volante only cost six times as much as a $27,000 225 horsepower Toyota Camry Solara.

The one arena that the Aston Martin really shines is the dashboard. The speedometer goes up to 220 mph / 330 kmh and the tachometer dial moves counter clockwise. The wood trim looks very elegant and in case you forget what your priorities are, the dashboard is quick to remind you as the words; power, beauty, soul light up behind the gauges.
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