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Ferrari F430 Spider.

The Ferrari F430 Spider is not a different car then the F430; basically with the spider edition you pay $25k more to lose the roof. The reason why this car is significant is that most people who buy a Ferrari buy this one. At $195k this car is not cheap; in fact it is hard for anyone to justify a car with a $3000 monthly payment. Nonetheless, when I went down to my local dealer for a test drive he only let me sit in the car. It wasn’t that he doubted I could afford it; the problem was he had completely sold out his yearly allocation and it was only the first week in April. He did have a left over 2004, I don’t know what happened last year, but if I wanted a 2005 I would have to leave a ten percent deposit and wait till December 2005. I tried to explain to him that the best time of year to own a convertible in New York was summer; he reminded me that 2006 will have a summer as well. Why do people spend $200k on a car? Because they can, what vehicle you choose to drive is the single most visible status symbol that exists in modern society. Even if your neighbor can’t tell your $1000 Hugo Boss suit from the one you got for $300 at the Men’s Wearhouse, he will be able to tell your Ferrari F430 Spider from a Mazda Miata.

   Why does it make sense to buy a Ferrari F430 Spider? People who sit on twenty year old sofas that were left behind by the previous tenant will drop the extra two thousand for leather in a car they will keep for three years. Others will opt for the $3,000 premium audio package while a clock radio is all they listen to at home. In the U.S. the car is still king. When I remember my high school friends, I remember what kind of cars they drove as well. What the Ferrari F430 Spider does is it gives you a reason to go to your 20th year high school reunion.

   The F430 Spider looks a lot like the 360 Spider it replaces. They both share the same pininfarina styling and except for the F430 being a little bigger they are very similar. What makes the cars so different is horsepower. With horsepower climbing from 400 to 483, this Ferrari goes from sports car to super car. The F430 has an aluminum body which saves weight while making rust a non issue.  The roof is completely automatic and takes a mere 20 seconds to open or close. The operation has to be conducted with the car standing still. Technically it will operate at speeds up to 3 mph, but how can you keep this car moving and still less than 3 mph.

      Although it is the smallest car Ferrari makes it is larger then the 360. The F430 Spider does weigh 150 lbs more then the hardtop F430. The 4.3 liter V8 engine rockets the car to 62mph in a mere 4.1 seconds. What makes this number so important is that this is a full half of a second faster then the 360 Spider. To get another ½ a second you would need to get a Ferrari Enzo for ½ a million dollars more.

   The best thing about this car is that it will be available in July 2005. You may have to call around several dealers to find one, but it will be well worth it.
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