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For The Best Game in Town Try This Ferrari

   Some cars are designed and built for a specific purpose. The Honda Accord is a worry free machine; the Dodge Viper is a Corvette racer, and the Subaru WRX STI is a tuner mobile. The new Ferrari 430 has three very distinct personalities that can be called upon to come forth at anytime by the owner of this car. Many cars have these duel personalities but few cars exceed so well at each one of them. With the new f430 you get Ferrari heritage, a gamers dream car, and a chick magnet.

   The Ferrari 430 replaces the 360 Modena which was Ferrari’s all-time best seller, which means that although it is an exotic, Ferrari expects to sell enough of them to keep the legacy going. To do this they built a car that can run day in day out. For well over forty years Ferrari has been building cars that are the closest to being race cars of any manufacturer. Lamborghini, Maserati, and Lotus all build exotic sports cars but what separates the Ferrari legacy from these other manufacturers is that Ferrari has a true racing heritage. The new F 430 is half Formula One and half road going race car. What makes this car so great is; when you sit behind the wheel on the way to the 7-11 to pickup the daily newspaper and a morning cup of coffee you will have a Lemans flashback moment. If you are wondering about home delivery of the newspaper forget about it, this car will change your life thoroughly, you will be constantly looking for reasons to drive this car. This car is such a rush to drive you may even forget how much fun it is to be scene in this car. With 490 horsepower and sub 4 second zero to sixty times, this car keeps the tradition of Ferrari racing alive in a street legal sports car. It has a 4.3 liter V8 engine with a red line of 8,500 rpm that was engineered by Ferrari’s racing division. 

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   We finally have come to live in a world where gamers are taken seriously. No other car puts the control of the vehicle in your hands like the 430. Ferrari places the engine start button right on the steering wheel. More amazingly this car has a left foot brake, just like the arcade racing games. What makes this new Ferrari the best gamer’s car ever is that the car lets you learn driving techniques that other cars can’t execute. The driving experience reflects the cars ability to dominate the road, any road. This kind of driving experience can also be found in the Porsche turbo but the Ferrari 430 doesn’t have that retro look. When it comes right down to it, what cars are really about is the overall experience, just like in video games; it is hard to identify the characteristics that make the experience enjoyed with the ownership of one vehicle stand out above the rest. Make no mistake about it, this car falls into the category of high end exotics. However, it isn’t one of those high end fantasy cars, like the Ferrari Enzo and the Porsche 959 that sold for around a million each new. Unlike the Enzo which is changing hands at a couple of hundred thousand over list or the new Ford GT which is selling at $125,000 over list. The demand for this new Ferrari should not go beyond the production capacity at Ferrari. This is an important feature for the gamer mentality; once you save up your $180,000 you can walk into the dealer and get your car. This car also comes with 5 different settings for control stability and traction, CST for short. With this feature you can drive it like a sports car or like a race car.
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