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Alaska Auto Transport Listing Below:

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Shipping a vehicle to/from Alaska
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Discount Car Shipping Carriers
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Do Your Homework - As with any business transaction you do in life, its always recommended to do your background check on the company before doing business with them.

Use Your Judgment - Don't let cheap rates or big discounts cloud your judgment. If something sounds to good to be true, then do your research before signing anything or seek professional assistance.

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Some Quick info about Alaska State

As the 49th state to join the union, The Last Frontierâ as Alaska has been nicknamed, was also the first state in over 46 years to achieve statehood. Alaska became recognized as a state on January 3, 1959. Arizona had become the 48th state in 1912.

Alaska is one of only two states not bordered on at least one side by another state. In fact, it is only bordered by another country: Canada. At its closest point, the mainland of Alaska sits just over 50 miles away from Russia. Alaska was purchased from Russia in1867 for $7.2 million or approximately 2 cents per acre. The purchase was known as ˜Seward's Folly" because Alaska was viewed as a useless chunk of snow and ice until gold was discovered in 1896. World War II proved the strategic value of Alaska, and when the oil discovered in Alaska is taken into account, the purchase vindicates Secretary of State, William Seward. Some of the top industries in Alaska are fishing, mining, oil, lumber, and tourism.

The name of Alaska is an Aleut word meaning, in its most simple form, ˜The mainland." Alaska is estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau to have a 2007 population of 683,478. The capital is Juneau, though cities such as Anchorage and Fairbanks are generally better known. Alaskans enjoy all four seasons, with a climate that varies across the mainland and all the Alaskan Islands with recorded temperatures ranging from 100̊ F to -80̊F.

Some of the most astonishingly beautiful things Alaska offers are glaciers, a surplus of undeveloped natural areas and abundant wildlife, and the aura borealis.

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